• Image of Eupa - Open Edition Reproduction
  • Image of Eupa - Open Edition Reproduction

11 x 14
Standard size print for easy framing.
Also suitable for tacking on the wall hastily with thumbtacks!

When I paintI typically listen to music. I also keep up with Democracy Now most days, and occasionally turn on some YouTube video in order to listen primarily. One night I watched an interesting video about a factory in China called Factory City: Eupa.Watch it here...

This video documents the amazing story of the new face of modern China. "They live there. They eat there. Their children attend school there. But most of all, they work there. They are the 17,000 employees of EUPA, a "Factory City" in the southeast corner of China."

Like all of my work, I painted this spontaneously. I really had no idea that the video was influencing the painting. Upon finishing and looking at the work, it seems I've captured the energy of the factory in a series of layered improvisations.

However, because this painting is certainly not a direct representation of the factory itself, or the people in it. I prefer to think of this as a painting of the energy of cooperation and productivity. There is a joy present that I can also hear in the voices of the factory workers. These people really want to produce good, solid products at a good value. That's my one of my goals in my work as well!

This image is derived from a photo of the painting that I imported into Adobe Illustrator and turned into Vector Art. At first, I tried to simply reproduce the photograph for this print, but the printed image just didn't have the subtlety present in the original painting. It's tricky to reproduce watercolors. I really like how this vector image looks. And most importantly, it captures the spirit of the original painting and the factory itself.

If you hang this on your wall, you can enjoy and share the joy of cooperation and productivity when you wake up.

Open edition. I will sign it and title it in pencil. The original of this piece is hanging on one of my wonderful patron's walls. Thanks J!

Printed on 100# Classic Crest Natural paper.
Let me know if you have any questions.